Program Protector

Program Protector 4.13

Program Protector is a tool for password-protecting programs on Windows systems

Program Protector lets you restrict unauthorized access to given executable files by assigning passwords to them. Thus, any time someone wants to run a protected application, it will first prompt the user to enter the agreed password.

It has an intuitive interface, in which the protected programs are listed. You can also start the programs on the list right from there. Protecting a program is as easy as dragging and dropping the file onto the interface or browsing for it. Then, you should provide a specific password for the selected program. Moreover, you can also set an administrative password, which will allow you to unprotect a program even if you have forgotten its password.

All in all, Program Protector is an excellent application. In my opinion, its main advantage is that, unlike other tools with a similar purpose, this one does not need to run in the background because the protection is actually embedded in the target file. This characteristic allows you to continue protecting that file even when an intruder renames it. However, expert users may find ways to avoid the protection. I have already thought of one.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It does not need running in the background
  • It is effective
  • The protection cannot be avoided by renaming the file


  • An expert user can avoid the limitations
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